Shivpuri Resort

Shivpuri is an ancient town and a sacred place the Hindus and the summer capital of the Scindia rulers of Gwalior.

Shivpuri is most popular place for start the river rafting in rishikesh. It is base camp for traveller. Shivpuri is situated in the foot hill of the Himalaya from where traveller goes the twisting rapids of the Ganga. River rafting between shivpuri to rishikesh you can hit some thrilling rapids Roller-Coaster, Golf Course and Club House.

There are many hotels and resorts in Shivpuri. Shivpuri is a tourist spot and the people who like rafting and other adventurous comes there during their vacations. Shivpuri Resort provides the best amenities and facilities.

The maximum number of resorts is found along this extend. Among the famous rapids are "3 Blind Mice, Black Money, Return to Centre, Roller Coaster"- each with a varying level of difficulty.

The facility of Staying in the tents on the river-side is a unique experience, especially for families and youngsters are provided by the resort. Most tents have two beds each, with 'muddah' chairs to sit out in front. You can just stroll down to the water edge in a couple of minutes.

The toilet tents are set apart, and have running water and pit toilets. Dining is a fun experience in the buffet dining tent, and there is invariably a bon-fire at night.

It is the best adventurous spot for the people who are in love with escapade.