If you are planning to spend your holidays somewhere in Rajasthan, than there is no other best place than Pushkar.  Pushkar is a land of heavenly power and is apart from many other religious Indian cities. The city is famous for its history and festive and some kind of fair.

Pushkar hotels will make sure that you do not miss anything about the place and will provide you with the best places. You will enjoy the history and the culture surrounded by the spirituality of Rajasthan particularly.

Pushkar hotels operate as a chain of resorts and hotels that offers a variety of guest services. The hotel chain enables you to explore and experience the threadbare and unscathed secret of Pushkar. Thus, you do not have to think about traveling, as the hotels will be able to take care of you and your family’s needs.

Moreover, the chain will arrange everything from airport transportation, meals; accommodation, sightseeing, food and leisure activities, and of course shopping, hence pack your bags and get set go.

The rooms and private cottages are well equipped with luxurious air-conditioned rooms with televisions, mini bars, satellite radios and internet connections, and 24-hour telephone dialing services with ISD/STD facility.

The Pushkar hotels are also famous for the traditional Rajasthani and Indian instrumental performances, set in the born fire evenings exclusively for you and your family and friends.