Mukteshwar is a beautiful place is 2286 meters in altitude and 51 Kilometers from Nainital. The town is surrounded by fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest it was developed by the Britishers as research and education institute (IVRI) in 1893. It is the celebrated scenic spot overlooking long ranges of Himalaya.An old temple of Lord Shiva exist on the top of a rock.

Mukteshwar is untouched by popular tourism. This is a beautiful and pretty hill retreat that demands more than just a day trip. The choice of accommodation is growing here, and you can spend a few days in this isolated place, admiring the views and going for long walks and trekking in the forests. It was a favorite holiday destination of the British. Mukteshwar has a lot of old colonial bungalows and the famous Veterinary Institute which is set up by Britishers. The quiet rural area is also associated with a legend of Shiva who granted immortality or mukti to a demon that he killed at this spot.

There are many accommodation provided by the hotels. The hotels like Wincliff Orchard Resort, Trishul Orchard, a Health & Adventure Resort, Frozen Woods, Krishna Orchard Resort, Mountain Trail, the Eco-Friendly Boutique Holiday Resort, Resort Sequester, Pathik Resort offers variety of facilities and amenities to its guests. Mukteshwar Is also famous for camping. InMukteshwar camps we offer all adventure activities and meals.

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