Khirsu, a small town located in pauri Garhwal, a very loveable tourist destination lying in the region of Uttrakhand. It is famous for its hills, small pastures and varied topography. You can do all kinds of activities here sightseeing, bird watching, forest ride, camping, trekking and paragliding. Earlier it was not as famous as now, and steadily it is gaining popularity among adventure seekers a lot. Its location in the lap of Himalayas and hills at the back drop gives an enticing view of Mother Nature in its raw form with its true essence inculcating in your trip.

Hotels of all kinds are at your disposal while you are staying in Khirsu. The hotels of Khirsu have all the basic amenities and you will not fall short of any kind of essential services. The hotel staff of every hotel is very cordial and cooperative and though it is a very small tourist destination site and does not brings much influx of tourists every year, but it does not compromise on the quality of rooms and the basic services like water supply, room service, attached bathrooms and toilet, television, parking, internet, telephone and many more. So next time you visit Khirsu enjoy your stay.