Jaisalmer also known as the golden city is a lovely town located in Rajasthan. With desert abounding the place, it gives it a rustic beauty which adds to the factor of attraction for tourists. Number of tourists from abroad visit Rajasthan just to have an idea of what is it like being in the kingly state of Rajasthan. Since having historical influence Rajasthan has many places to visit like the various ancient structures here including forts, castles and mini castles. The desert has its own kind of special beauty which adds to it inquisitive and mysterious nature.

When the place is so full of tourists all the year round Jaisalmer never falls short of range of hotels. Serving to every tourists desire and need it has well furnished and well equipped hotels with every room fully loaded with the basic conveniences like water supply fan, coolers or air conditioners, attached toilet and bathrooms some even provide kitchen and gas stove if you fancy making your own food. Transportation can also be availed by the hotel and recreational activities are also arranged and managed by the hotel community itself. So next time you visit Jaisalmer don’t have any doubts on the hotel services.