Sanawar Nature Camp Kasauli

Sanawar Nature Camp Kasauli is a destination wherein all the dreams to live in nature can be fulfilled. One can surely get a unique experience of nature. The soul and mind can be rejuvenated with the fresh air of Pines. If a person is thinking of an outing with his near and dear ones far away from overcrowd, pollution and noise, then Sanawar Nature camp, Kasauli is surely the best destination. It is very well known for its eco-friendly environment and hospitality. Such a camp is introduced for the first time in the history of Kasauli. This camp is very eco-friendly and many eco-tourism activities can be carried out under private partnership in Himachal Pradesh.  Various activities that can be performed at the camp are:

  • Different type of an experience can be enjoyed in the lap of nature.
  • One can feel the forest, nature and the flora and fauna of the calm rocks
  • One can take up various adventures for building up confidence in obstacles such as rappelling, Valley Crossing Burma Bridge
  • A person can be kept active by meditation and Yoga
  • There are many cultural activities such as music and folk dances.