Hotel New Pavilion Nainital

Situated in the woodland surroundings, the Pavilion Hotel of Nainital is a perfect tourist destination for nature lovers. The hotel was built in the 19th century as a dinner hall. The charming cottages, used by the woods rangers, add magic and authenticity to it. The Pavilion Hotel use to serve the Indian Nawabs and you can still find the same feel in the services as the guests are treated like kings. One can conveniently drive to the hotel; it serves with private suites and traditional rooms, and has beautiful well-preserved gardens that add to its ambience. The hotel is just a little away from the famous Mallital Bara Market as it is located at the foot hill of the Cheena hill top.

It is one of the lavishing hotels of Nainital, providing all the luxuries like mini golf, a wonderful restaurant, satisfying room service, gigantic car parking, in house movie theater, big Conference halls and a beautiful play ground for the children. Along with king size comfortable rooms, the accommodation covers single rooms as well as suits with personal television and attached bathrooms.The bedrooms are classified into regular, luxurious and suites with variety of interiors and sizes.