Kufri Holiday Resort

The location of Kufri, Shimla is 9000 ft above the sea level. The beauty of the mountains as well as its surroundings is just mind blowing. A person will surely be left spell bound. One can see the entire range of snow peaks from Badrinath to UP. Initially, this was only a pond where travelers used to enjoy and rest for a while. Later is has been developed into a tourist spot. One can experience the adventurous ice games here.

The Kufri holiday resort consists of 30 rooms. Each of the room has an attached balcony. A beautiful view of the Himalayan range is given by each room. All the basic needs as well comfort of the tourists is kept in mind by the resort.

Kufri holiday resort has a Bhasoli restaurant where in the best and mouth watering cuisines are offered. This resort also has a well equipped bar with a stock of all good brands. Besides this, there is a conference hall as well. Besides this, the resort also offers:

  • Conference hall for holding meetings.
  • There are many recreational facilities such as badminton, table tennis and billiards.
  • The regular rooms have a paradise view from the window.
  • These rooms are specially designed for reflecting their personal styles.
  • A serene atmosphere complementing the fine tastes is offered by the bar.