Classic Hill Top

Uttaranchal State is one of the beautiful states having the most gorgeous mountains in thecountry. One of the mountains of this beautiful treasure is the Chamba. Chamba is a peaceful hill station tendering very exotic mountain scenes and this is the reason why it has becomea famous destination for honeymooners and as a swift weekend escape.

The Classic hill top resort is widely extended gently on the entire mountain top and the slants. The resort offers excellent facilities and customer service. The Classic hill top resort offers all the facilities that are available in any other luxurious hotel for example gymnasium, health spas, massages hub, 32 elegantly designed rooms, the lavishness of a full-competence vigor spa, unforgettable campsbonfire and barbecue feasts or dinners, astonishing treks and sightseeing’s, indoor fun and sports, along with gift shops and splashing pools.

Along with all these facilities the Classic hill top resort offers hooting gardens and amazing children parks with swings and merry go rounds. As the resort is situated at a high altitude, the straight sun rays enter the swimming pool and make it warmer and the guests have always sensed it pleasing fast to go for a dip on the hill top resort.

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