Camp Wild Dhauj

Situated in District Faridabad near Mangar Village Camp wild Dhauj is perfect adventure spot near Delhi. The resort is covered with Aravali Hills.

Along with camping one can do adventure activities like rock climing and similar sports. Apart from this you can also see 67 species of birds spotted and listed near Dhauj. Camp wild Dhauj offers 15 lodges rooms, room are largi in size with attched modern bathrooms all 15 rooms have one covered Varandah and rooms are just below the Araveli hills.

Day picnic Package
:- Rs 950 plus Taxes per person

The Activies given below few activities are chargeble and few are Coplimentry in the Package.

Adventure activities:-

  • Rock Climbing

  • Rappelling

  • River crossing

  • Artificial rock wall

  • Cammando Net

  • Monkey crawl

  • Machan climb

  • tarzan swing

  • Balance walk

Other Activities:-

  • Cricket with Soft ball
  • Football
  • Volley ball
  • Music system

Team Building Activities:-

  • Stretcher Rescue
  • Pass The plunk
  • The bucket Story
  • Bling Folded Tent Pitching
  • Human Ski
  • Snatch the cap
  • Australian Trolley Blind Fetch
  • Marble Link.

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