A city located in the awesome state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala witness huge crowds of tourists from across the globe. With Tibetan influence, Dharamshala is also the cause of attraction for many spiritual tourists, as it is where his holiness Dalai Lama resides. People from India itself and abroad come to pay their visit to Dharamshala, enjoying the calm and the spiritual aura in Tibetan monasteries and at the same time engulfing in the fascinating splendor of the hills surrounding the beautiful city of Dharamshala. The fresh air that gushes to you, gently makes your day and rejuvenates your entire being.

With the holy abode of his holiness and sprawling Tibetan culture, Dharamshala has gained a lot of popularity amongst the people be it Indians or foreigners. So with such popularity Dharamshala offers you an array of hotels which you can book for a memorable stay. With no shortage of water supply and up to date modern conveniences, the hotels ofDharamshala are up to the mark when it comes in providing a quality stay to its guests. Room service is readily available, you can eat in the hotel restaurants, hire various modes of transportation for visiting the hot spots.