A town with a Himalayan touch it is located in West Bengal. Darjeeling being on the list of one of the top tourist destination sites, the main centre of attraction for tourists here is the charming and the breath taking beauty and view of the panoramic hills. Other striking feature of Darjeeling is the tea plantation that is carried out in this town; many tourists from all over the world come to Darjeeling just to see how this cultivation is performed and how tea is manufactured in actual. With Buddhist culture prevalent in Darjeeling this factor also contributes to the tourist crowd here.

Hotels in Darjeeling are of various types like the grand starred hotels, colonial cottages, villas and economical hotels. If you want a homely ambience and do not want to be disturbed then hiring cottages and villas is the best option for you. You can get this feeling even in the luxury suites where guest privacy is the utmost priority of the hotel staff. Basic amenities like regularly washed bed sheets, 24 hours of water supply, entertainment, food, parking, taxi services etc are there for the hotel guests and can be availed easily without any inconvenience.