Corbett is one word which is familiar to most of the people. This word brings jitters to your senses, while a picture of jungle, mystery and scare arises in your mind. But at the same time there is fun too involved while visiting Corbett. With travel guides driving you in the safaris it feels like a dream come true, fulfilling your thirst for adventure and surging that adrenaline rush in you. You get to see a wide range of flora and fauna at a distance so close, that you just come in close contact with the nature itself.

The resorts and hotels in Corbett are up to the international level, as many foreign tourists also visit this place. With basic facilities provided by the hotels, the room service is readily available and transportation like safaris are also arranged and managed by the hotel communities itself. You need not worry on the quality of facilities given as the price you pay is not wasted but converted into luxury and comfort. Facilities like parking, quick communicative mediums, comfortable rooms, 24 hour water supply and entertainment are all imperative part of the hospitality extended by the Corbett hotels. All of this can be enjoyed here at Corbett Hotel.