In the land of gods resides a heavenly place called as Chamba with such distinctive geographical features found in Khajjiar that it is often referred to as mini Switzerland of India. With rich and diverse culture, the hilly terrain offers its guests site worth seeing which will definitely make you fall in love with this place. Chamba also ranks in one of the hot spots of popular tourist destinations sites and many foreign travelers are seen visiting Chamba and have been seen praising about this wonderland which is full of pure nature and pristine beauty and gives you a memorable stay that you can never forget.

Being such a famous tourist destination, Chamba hotels have a wide range of accommodations to offer and are categorized according to the different tariff rates depending upon the amenities you seek. Though basic facilities are provided by all the hotels be it the luxury hotels of Chamba or the cheap hotels of Chamba. Chamba hotels also undertakes the job of providing quality time and a lifetime of experience to its visitors in the form of excursion, adventure games, recreational activities, outdoor planning,  gaming special playground for children and many more. You will have a lifetime experience with the hospitality of Chamba hotels.