Almora with its rich history and traditions have made its mark in the tourist destinations of India. Quiet yet full of bustle this city lies in the state Uttrakhand. Surrounded by hills its scenic beauty and awe striking geographic features had made it a popular tourist destination site where tourists from all over come to enrapture themselves in the beauty of this town. Sites worth visiting include many lake areas, bird watching forests, hills where most tourists go for carrying out adventurous sports, many temples where people from far come to pay their homage.

One will find hotels of all kind in Almora, if you want a quality trip then going for the luxury hotels in Almora should be your first preference. If you are going economical on your trip but cannot lose on the quality of the accommodation, then stick to budget efficient accommodations provided by Almora hotels. You need not worry about the basic amenities provided by the hotels in Almora as the room service is readily available, rooms with beautiful view is always a catch for tourists and 24 hours of water supply is available too. Some hotels also undertake trekking and other recreational activities for the tourists.